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The converted church and  Arts Center at 5 East Second Street houses resident organizations, public art projects, offices for Team members, and also serves as a venue to hold events and exhibitions. The Arts Center provides the Arts Council with further downtown street-level space and community presence.

The space functions as a place for public arts experiences both inside and outside the building and will complement the gallery program at 11 West Patrick. The first floor includes the FAC Shop, information about FAC members, and resident organizations such as Endangered Species (theatre) Project. The first floor also currently includes an extenion show to the FAC’s Public Art Barn Project. Check out the pieces available for purchase here. Each purchase supports the artist and the Frederick Arts Council!

FAC’s exhibition, ‘Lisa Dillin: Sorry we missed you‘ is housed on the 2nd floor.

About Sorry we missed you:

Since March of 2020 the physical and emotional space between each of us has widened like a deep chasm along an active fault line. Once buzzing city centers – many of which were already underutilized and in decline – have gone silent. City buildings and suburban retail centers that had long ago fallen into disrepair eerily await our return.

As we travel to our old familiar places we find that vestiges of what was abound. We have left traces of ourselves in every nook and cranny of our towns and cities. These human remnants are not dissimilar to messages in a bottle: they are clues to what came before, a voice waiting to be discovered.

Sorry we missed you is an attempt to make tangible the emotional quality of the sustained isolation and economic decline that characterizes this time. Sorry we missed you extends an open hand to the viewer and whispers “I understand how you feel, I’m feeling that way too. I am right alongside you, feeling the vacancy of this moment and waiting for the day when we are together again –  rebuilding.”

Dillin is an interdisciplinary Baltimore-based artist working primarily in sculpture and participatory art practices. Dillin earned her BFA in photography from Atlanta College of Art in 1998 and her MFA in sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2006. Her work has been selected for exhibition at various venues including the Baltimore Museum of Art and The Contemporary Museum in Baltimore, MD, Hamiltonian Gallery and Washington Project for the Arts, in Washington, D.C., Vox Populi and Practice Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, as well as Nurture Art and Transmitter in Brooklyn, NY. Art fairs include the Select Art Fair in NYC, Aqua Art Fair and Artist-Run Art Fair in Miami, FL. Honors include 2014 and 2017 MSAC Individual Artist awards in sculpture, second place prize winner of the Trawick Awards in 2014, and selection as a Sondheim Prize Finalist in 2012.

Digital Catalogue

Learn more about Lisa Dillin here.


The third floor is in transition into a Creative Lab scheduled for completion by Fall 2021 and includes drawing tables, armchairs, an art library, artist editions and monographs, and more along the balcony.

Apply to show in the 2nd floor exhibition space here: CALL TO ARTISTS


Detail of ‘Hanging on’ 2021 by Lisa Dillin from ‘Sorry we missed you’

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