Office Hours
Monday-Thursday 10-5pm
Friday 11-4 pm
Saturday 11-5pm

The converted church and community arts center at 5 East Second Street houses resident organizations, public art projects, offices for Team members, and also serves as a venue to hold events and exhibitions. The arts center provides the Arts Council with further downtown street-level space and community presence.

The space functions as a place for public arts experiences both inside and outside the building and will complement the gallery program at 11 West Patrick.

The first floor includes the FAC Shop, information about FAC members, and resident organizations such as Endangered Species (theatre) Project. Currently, a print show features works available for sale.
FAC’s first public art exhibition, ‘A Community Story’ is housed on the 2nd floor, where members of the community are invited to bring in photos and objects representing their personal or family culture.  
The third floor is in transition into a Maker’s Space scheduled for completion early 2021 which includes drawing tables, armchairs, an art library, artist editions and monographs, and more along the balcony.

Upcoming Events