Community Arts Development Grants

Each year, the Arts Council supports nonprofit organizations offering arts programming across Frederick City and County with Community Arts Development Grants. These grants are awarded with funding from both the Maryland State Arts Council and from Frederick County, and are designed to allow high-quality arts programming to be available to as many community members as possible.

The grants are awarded by a committee comprised of both arts professionals and culturally interested community members; in FY2019, the Community Arts Development grant program was able to provide 20 local organizations with a total of $70,000 in awards.

To be eligible to receive a Community Arts Development (CAD) grant, your organization must be either a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization or other nonprofit providing arts programming for the community. The FY2023 CAD Grant application deadline is Friday, September 9th by midnight and the applications for arts and non-arts organizations can be downloaded to the right.



We are currently reviewing the Community Arts Development Grant Program. As we consider how to refine this program and streamline the application process we will not be holding the usual due dates and will be deferring the grant application process to a later date. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for this program moving forward.



CAD Arts Orgs

CAD Arts Orgs Guidelines(FY23 closed)

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CAD Non-Arts Orgs

CAD Non-Arts Orgs Guidelines (FY23 closed)

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FY22 Final Report (closed )

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