SAM REGISTRATION (note to nonprofits)

Due to the federal origins of this grant (National Endowment for the Arts), all nonprofit organizations must have a Unique Entity Identifier to be eligible for funding.

Organizations without a SAM registration:

  • You will be assigned a UEI by SAM as part of SAM’s registration process.
  • Go to SAM Entity Registration to get started at

Organizations already registered with SAM:

  • A UEI will automatically be assigned to your organization by SAM. The UEI will be visible in your organization’s SAM record.
    If you have difficulty locating the UEI, contact SAM at 1-866-606-8221 or see the help section of SAM’s website.

When registering/renewing your SAM account, be sure to select “Yes” when completing the “Representations & Certifications” section. All awardees are required to have these representations & certifications in order to receive an award. Your SAM registration must be current at the time a grant is made, and throughout the life of the award.

SAM registrations, once activated, can take a day or more to be visible in Verify your SAM registration well ahead of the application deadline.

If you have any questions about or need assistance, contact SAM directly:

  • SAM Federal Service Desk: Call 1-866-606-8221 or see the information posted on the SAM website at SAM Help

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