Gera Lozano paints “Healing Bouquet” mural at 201 S Market St

Who: Gera Lozano, nationally acclaimed muralist

What: Mural

Where: 201 South market, south side wall

When: June 12-16

Artist Gera Lozano is currently painting a mural at 201 South Market Street, Frederick, MD, through a commission by the Frederick Arts Council

Gera Lozano, also known as GERALUZ, is an accomplished muralist who has worked throughout the US and abroad. Focused on reawakening notions of femininity and indigeneity, Lozano is passionate about the beautification of public spaces, community empowerment and art as a healing tool.

Lozano investigates attachments to place, culture, identity and desire. Her process includes an archaeological approach to research in which she documents the distinctive characteristics of places and organically transforms existing history and energy into a harmonious work which honors the original spirit of each place in which she works. Her mural design in Frederick was developed as a response to a call for a mural that features local fauna and flora.

This project is part of the implementation phase of the Frederick Public Art Master Plan: Connections and is supported by a Focus Grant awarded to the Frederick Arts Council by the Ausherman Family Foundation. The artist was selected by a four-part process: 1) a project site is selected 2) a request for artist qualifications is made and is distributed widely; 3) finalists propose designs 4) a review is conducted by curatorial experts; as well as a review by community stakeholders. The projects reflect a creative and connective vision for public art in Frederick which is as follows:

Our vision is a Frederick where public art connects residents and visitors, expresses an authentic and unique sense of place, drives economic prosperity through creativity, and advances a culturally inclusive and empowered future.