Frederick Arts Council Purchases Historic Church to Serve as Center for Public Art

Frederick, MD— The Frederick Arts Council announces its purchase of the historic property located at 5 E 2nd Street. The building formerly served as a church and was built in 1871.

The Arts Council’s intent for the property is to use it primarily as a home base for the County’s Public Art Program, as outlined in “Connections,” Frederick’s Public Art Master Plan.

The converted church and community arts center will house public art projects, an office for the Arts Council’s Public Art Program Manager, and will also serve as a venue to hold Sky Stage events during the winter. The arts center is also intended to provide the Arts Council with further downtown street-level space and community presence.

The space is intended to function as place for public arts experiences both inside and outside the building and will complement the gallery program at 11 West Patrick, currently the location of a year-long NEA-funded art installation.

“We are excited to have a visible location where folks can find their arts council easily.  In a community known for its arts, it’s important to have a central location where folks can learn about other arts venues, resources, and events happening in our community.”

The public art program of the Frederick Arts Council is supported by the Ausherman Family Foundation which awarded the organization with a three-year Focus grant.

Portions of the funding for the church purchase has been generously provided by the Nora Roberts Foundation and Marketing & Research Resources (M&RR). FAC is also seeking donations from the public in order to renovate the space. Individual supporters who donate in increments of $50, $100, $500, and $1000 will be named on a special banner to be displayed within the arts center.

Following renovations, FAC plans to begin programming at the arts center by a tentative date of April 2020. Community members interested in making a donation should contact