Dreamscapes Unveiled Opening Weekend and FAC Studios Open House

WHAT: Dreamscapes Unveiled Group Show Opening Weekend and FAC Studios Open House

WHEN: Saturday, December 2, 2023, 11am-7pm

WHERE: FAC Hurwitz Gallery, 1 N Market Street, Frederick, MD 21701

COST: Free

WEBSITE: www.FrederickArtsCouncil.org

Visit the Frederick Arts Council Hurwitz Gallery located at 1 N Market Street in the heart of Downtown Frederick between 11am-7pm on Saturday, December 2nd, for the opening weekend of Dreamscapes Unveiled, a juried group show of art created by FAC Studio artists, and monthly open studios event. From 11am-3pm, painter and poet Sheryl Massaro will conduct a book signing and from 4-7pm, artist and DJ Dylan Zingg will be spinning dreamscapes-inspired mix. artist talk with Esperanza Alzona as she introduces her new exhibition, Reflections on the Human Condition. Alzona will speak to her creative decisions and process and answer questions from visitors about her recent works.

Curatorial statement:

Dreamscapes Unveiled is an evocative journey into the realm of dreams, where the boundaries of reality dissolve, and the subconscious takes center stage. Artworks by FAC studio artists explore the multifaceted aspects of the dreamworld, inviting viewers to contemplate the mysterious and enigmatic landscapes of the mind. Dreams are the canvas upon which our imagination paints the most vivid, surreal, and sometimes unsettling visions. As we sleep, our inner worlds come alive, transcending the constraints of time and space. This exhibition serves as a gateway to these ethereal realms, as each artist invites us to peer into their unique dreamscape. This exhibit is on display from December through February at the FAC Hurwitz Gallery, located at 1 N Market Street. Gallery Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11am-4pm, and 11am-7pm on First Saturdays of each month. The opening reception will be held Saturday, December 2 between 11am-7pm.


The show features work by FAC studio artists Richard Christin, Michael Gresalfi, Juliet Hossain, Sheryl Massaro, Heather Ravenscroft, Lori Niland Rounds, Ellen Olson Schippert, Cynthia Scott-Johnson, Janet Seifert, Kristie Taylor, Patrick Todd, Deborah Winram, Dylan Zingg.


About the Frederick Arts Council

The Frederick Arts Council invests in a vibrant and cohesive arts community for the people of Frederick County. The organization fosters an environment where the arts flourish in the community through grants and scholarships, arts advocacy, and links to essential resources. FAC is responsible for large-scale programming such as the Frederick Festival of the Arts, Sky Stage, Frederick Public Art Initiative, Artist Studios, Art in the Park, and Arts in Education grants. For more information about the Frederick Arts Council, visit www.FrederickArtsCouncil.org.