The Frederick Arts Council manages a contemporary art gallery alongside its offices at 11 West Patrick Street. With support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Ausherman Family Foundation, the gallery currently houses “Phase Change,” an environmentally-related installation by artist Thomas Faison, along with coordinating photography by Ashley Hoffman.

“Phase Change” is an interactive and immersive installation which will evolve and shift to cover many different facets of the human relationship with the environment, and with climate change, over the course of a year.

Act I of Phase Change (Jan-April) explored water in its liquid form and featured a large erosion simulation which slowly broke down over four months. Complimenting the interactive sculpture was a documentary exploring cultural, social, and political relationships various individuals have with water.


Moving from disaster to transformation, Act II features a four channel video opera where three millennials travel and labor to turn water into steam as they meditate on becoming. The video piece is housed in a boat, beached on a shore of brick, and surrounded by thick foliage. Scattered throughout the gallery are remnants, old journals, diary entries and other relics of a recent past.

Act III (yet to be staged) will represent stories of survival, overcoming, and triumph.

The exhibit can be viewed Monday-Friday during business hours or on the weekend by appointment. Stay tuned for Phase Change’s final evolution from Act II to Act III.

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