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FAC’s Pop-Up Gallery

Artist Talk

Saturday, September 14th 3 pm @ New Spire Stages

Leaving the wreckage of Act I, we venture back into nature. What was once sturdy has failed and crumbled. Act II proposes not reaction, but a full reevaluation. We search for a new life force, floating somewhere in a sea of collapse.

In a four channel video opera, three millennial’s travel and labor to turn water into steam. Enacting a contemporary ritual, they defy an old proverb, turning what is typically a means to an end into an end in and of itself. They meditate on the phase change and learn from its will.

The video is housed in a boat on a sea of brick taken from homes long gone. Laying by the boat are pages from notebooks and diaries, alongside the ritual’s musical score. Moments, plans, ideas.

Through written word, visitors are invited to contribute their thoughts or experiences and add them to the remnants of others.

Gallery hours in September: Monday- Friday 10-4, Saturday 1-8 pm

Still from the act II video, captured by director of photography Nick Gorey


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FAC’s Pop-Up Gallery Installation by Thomas Faison 
Phase Change: Act II 
 Alongside the installation’s second act, Ashley Hoffman will exhibit a new photography series created in conjunction with Faison’s work.
Gallery hours:
Monday – Friday 10am-4pm
Starting in March Saturdays by Appointment
11 W. Patrick Street
This new installation, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts at FAC’s pop-up gallery, will make use of a variety of media from video art, sculpture, music, and more to explore questions surrounding climate change, cultural relationships with water, disasters, transformation, and how to survive.
Photo by Ashley Hoffman

Artist Thomas Faison is a filmmaker and installation artist living and working in Baltimore, though he is a Frederick native. He returned in early 2018 for a solo show, entitled “Unified Dissonance,” at the Blue Elephant Gallery in the Griffin Art Center, and his films have been featured in film showcases and festivals in Baltimore, Ann Arbor, Chicago, and Frederick. His installation artwork has been featured in artist run spaces throughout Baltimore and he is the co-founder of the Baltimore Student Film Showcase, now operating within the Maryland Film Festival.

Artist Ashley Renee Hoffman is a film photographer born and raised in Frederick, Maryland. At the age of 12 she was given her first camera and has not stopped creating images since. In 2011 she received a Bachelors of Fine Art from Shepherd University with a concentration in Photography and Computer Imagery. Through an ongoing series called “Enlightenment”, Hoffman seeks to document human isolation as a means to understand the human condition, spirituality and our relationship with Mother Nature. Most of the photographs are made in the Appalachian region where there is vast beauty, but much conflict on an ethical and environmental level. Mother Nature has the capacity to provide us with support, compassion and vital nutrients. It is essential to foster a healthy and balanced relationship with her to cultivate a healthy relationship with ourselves and others. However, industrialization and globalization has led to the cultivation of an abusive and apathetic relationship with Mother Nature through resource extraction and greed.

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