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Currently Featuring Dreamscapes Unveiled, Reflections of the Human Condition, and Particles and Waves

Esperanza Alzona’s Artist Statement

My work in sculpture focuses on representations of concepts and qualities of humanness—the characterization of various universal emotions, sensations, thought processes, the embodiment of self-identity and manifestations of spirituality. Having a background as a professional dancer, choreographer and competitive athlete, I am used to employing the language of the human body as a means of creative expression, and in sculpture I often use aspects and parts of the human anatomy to convey ideas in physical form. Working primarily in metal renders a certain weight and material presence that I find particularly engaging, and the physicality and three-dimensional visual aspect that comes from being a dancer are what attract me to this medium. Seeing my work I wish the viewer to find resonance and relevance of “being human” as I explore and express in physical form various facets, abstractions and iterations centering around the mind-body connection and the human experience.

About Alzona’s Installation

Lamentation is a mixed media sculpture of cast aluminum and fabric that will be the centerpiece of an exhibition of works entitled Reflections on the Human Condition. The title and inspiration for this work are drawn from Martha Graham’s iconic 1930 modern dance solo that Anna Kisselgoff of the New York Times described as “not the sorrow of a specific person, time or place but the personification of grief itself.” The sculpture is an abstract and dynamic representation of the human emotion of grief with multiple parts—hands and feet–cast in metal combined with flowing fabric shrouding faceless and profound, visceral pain. Having been myself a dancer trained in Graham technique, I used castings of my own hands and feet in the various movements and gestures used in the sculpture. The sculpture has no faces because it personifies all of us.

The materiality of the metal represents the groundedness and strength of the human spirit, and the fabric the dynamic connective tissue of emotion. The goal is to resonate with viewers in reflection upon the present human condition, relevant to much of what has been happening in our world today with disease, natural disasters, civil unrest, war and mass killings.

The creation of this work has been made possible through the generous support of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Frederick Arts Council.

Becky Borlan’s Artist Statement

Play is at the core of my work as a sculptor, painter, and installation artist. In my art practice, the concept of play provides a protective space in which to explore alternate realities with no fear of judgement. Repeated geometric elements in saturated colors invite viewers to connect with (and perhaps get lost in) their own play state of mind, and recognize the everyday magic in the present moment.
My sculptures act as interventions that interrupt routine and invite the viewer to bask in the brilliance of vivid color, marvel at the dance of shadows, and fully embrace the present moment.

About Borlan’s Installation

Particles and Waves
Wave theory and particle dynamics are two different ways of describing and understanding the behavior of physical systems, and they are related through the concept of wave-particle duality.
In wave theory, physical phenomena are described in terms of waves. Waves exhibit properties such as wavelength, frequency, amplitude, and interference. They can be described
mathematically using wave equations and are characterized by continuous and smooth oscillations.

Particle dynamics, on the other hand, focuses on describing the behavior of individual particles as discrete entities with specific properties like position, momentum, and energy. Particle
dynamics uses concepts from classical mechanics, such as Newton’s laws of motion, to predict and explain the motion and interactions of particles.
The relationship between wave theory and particle dynamics becomes evident when dealing with quantum particles, such as electrons or photons. These particles exhibit both wave-like
and particle-like behavior, known as wave-particle duality. I have long been fascinated with micro and macro states of matter in science. There’s something about trying to visualize something outside our realm of experience-the vastly huge or the imperceptibly tiny-that has always felt thrilling. But for many years I pushed aside my natural curiosities with both atoms and the cosmos because I believed I wasn’t smart enough or
knowledgeable enough to be a part of the conversation. Recently though I have been letting myself engage with these ideas more, and make connections within my artwork. The absurdity
of hanging beach balls as a way to conceptualize wave theory and particle dynamics is both a humorous and serious attempt to understand forces that still baffle experts in the field.


Dreamscapes Unveiled by FAC Studio Artists

Each artist working in the adjacent artist studios building has the opportunity to display their work in the exhibition hall at 1 N Market Street. This section of the gallery is intended to rotate seasonally with work juried and curated by the Frederick Arts Council. The current exhibition is titled Dreamscapes Unveiled and features work by artists Richard Christin, Michael Gresalfi, Juliet Hossain, Sheryl Massaro, Heather Ravenscroft, Lori Inland Rounds, Ellen Olson Schippert, Cynthia Scott-Johnson, Janet Seifert, Kristie Taylor, Patrick Todd, Deborah Winram, and Dylan Zingg.

Dreamscapes Unveiled is an evocative journey into the realm of dreams, where the boundaries of reality dissolve, and the subconscious takes center stage. Artworks by FAC studio artists explore the multifaceted aspects of the dreamworld, inviting viewers to contemplate the mysterious and enigmatic landscapes of the mind. Dreams are the canvas upon which our imagination paints the most vivid, surreal, and sometimes unsettling visions. As we sleep, our inner worlds come alive, transcending the constraints of time and space. This exhibition serves as a gateway to these ethereal realms, as each artist invites us to peer into their unique dreamscape. Click here to view the complete list of artworks. 



In addition to artist exhibitions, the FAC’s Hurwitz Gallery is also a great place for weddings, galas, creative meetings, private events, and music video or film location shoots. For more information about renting the FAC’s Hurwitz Gallery, please contact Emma Sandler, Public Art and Studios Manager, emma@frederickartscouncil.org.