Arts & Entertainment District

Frederick is one of 18 Arts and Entertainment Districts designated by the State of Maryland. Frederick’s A&E District is located in historic downtown Frederick, primarily following the same geographic lines as the historic district.

Arts and Entertainment (A&E) Districts have been defined by the Americans for the Arts as “well-recognized, labeled, mixed-use areas of cities in which a high concentration of arts and cultural facilities serve as the anchor attraction.” In 2001, Title 24 (Subtitle 05, Chapter 26), was signed into law making Maryland the first state in the country to develop Arts and Entertainment districts on a state-wide basis. The program was developed from a similar initiative in Providence, RI. Since then, many other states have looked at Maryland’s model as a successful tool for downtown redevelopment.

A&E Districts State Map

The program is endorsed by the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development and supported by governors of both political persuasions. To be designated as an A&E district at the state level, Frederick’s local jurisdictions are required to grant property tax credits and an abatement from the local admissions and amusement tax. The goal is to revitalize downtown areas capitalizing on the local arts community.