Arts Council Launches Frederick Film Office

February 16, 2011

If local leaders get their way, more films will be shot in Frederick County. The Frederick Arts Council (FAC) is proud to announce the formation of the Frederick Film Office. The mission of the Frederick Film Office (FFO) is to support, attract, and promote film, television, and multimedia projects in Frederick County, Maryland.

An advisory committee has been established to support the activities of the film office, and includes representatives from the Frederick Arts Council, Tourism Council of Frederick County, City of Frederick Department of Economic Development, Frederick County Office of Economic Development, Hood College, Frederick Community College, the 72 Film Fest, Frederick Film Festival, as well as independent filmmakers.

In Frederick County, there is tremendous opportunity to develop new businesses and cultivate a film industry. Frederick County has tremendous physical assets, including historic towns and properties and green space. Potential exists for the film industry to have an economic impact in the county. Frederick is already a thriving arts community and film is an important component of the local arts sector.

“Last year the film and television industry had an economic impact of $39 million in the State of Maryland. When a film comes into an area it means jobs and revenue for local businesses, large and small. It is exciting that Frederick County has formed their own film office and is being proactive in attracting this industry. We look forward to working with Carl Glorioso and Shuan Butcher and the staff of the Frederick Film Office,” said Jack Gerbes, director of the Maryland Film Office.

A luncheon is planned to formally launch the Frederick Film Office on Friday, March 25th. This event, in which Gerbes will serve as the guest speaker, will coincide with the Frederick Film Festival scheduled that weekend. More details will be announced at a later date. However, individuals or businesses interested in attending should contact the Frederick Film Office.

The Frederick Film Office is a program of the Frederick Arts Council. “We see this as an opportunity to cultivate and support a segment of the local arts community,” said Shuan Butcher, executive director. “There is a lot of potential here,” he said.

An immediate goal of the FFO is to develop a database that can be used to address the needs of production companies looking to film in Frederick County and to provide local residents, organizations and business owners with opportunities to partner with those production companies. The office is looking for buildings, land, period vehicles, animals, props, period costumes, actors, and business all looking to be featured in film and television projects or who would be interested in providing services to the production companies such as catering, hotels, and vehicle rentals.

“We are working to address the needs of film makers and to spread the word that Frederick is a film-friendly county with great resources that would be an asset to them and production companies,” said Carl Glorioso, director of the Frederick Film Office. Anyone interested in being included in the database or wanting more information should email or visit the Frederick Film Office on Facebook.